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Interview | Story by Mia

I am so happy for today’s interview.  Story by Mia has been such a sweet inspiration to me.  Mia’s simple and elegant style shows through her lovely products.  Besides running her Etsy shop, Mia spends her days with her two adorable kids doing what makes her happy and enjoying every bit of it. Today, Mia is sharing with us her experience on being a mom and running a business. Grab a chair and join us!


1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do?

My name is mia. I’m full time mommy and full time maker.  
Both of my kids ( hannah 3 + luke 2) don’t go to nursery so I stay with them 24 hours a day every day….yes, it’s crazy days but I’m I’m very happy and greatful of my wonderful family. My husband Insun is a industrial designer and he is a awesome daddy and huge supporter of my little business. ^^ Insun looooooves vintage eams chairs and he collected hundreds of them, which inspired me to design this years calendar.
2. Is this something you always wanted to do?
I love making things.
My hands are constantly making things, baking, decorating, designing, taking pictures, making music…..and yes, this is something I really really love to do. I always wanted to have my own business and although storybymia is still too small to call it ‘a business’ but I’m loving every little part of it. 

3. How do you run your business while being mom to young children?

To be honest, its not easy to run both family and business at the same time. But since this is what I really really love to do, I do have to make some sacrifices. ^^ My working hour starts after my kids goes to sleep around 10 – 11 pm. I work until 3-4 am usually. ^^ My husband helps me with shippings and many trips to post office. yay

4. What’s a typical work day for you?
My days are crazy but super simple.
I cook + clean + entertain kids (crafting,painting, picnics,walk around river…etc) and after kids goes to bed, my working hour starts. I do all my works at late night and my husband take all the packages that I worked on to drop it to post office.

5. How do you get inspired?
From time with my kids. what kids love… flowers, sky, animals and their smiles.

6. How do you balance work and family? Any tips you’d like to share with us?
I can not become lazy. *^^* I try to manage my time wisely to be perfect mom + maker.
7. What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Everyday is perfect….but when my family are all healthy and happy. 

8. What makes you smile?
When my kids hug each other after they had crazy fights. ^^ soooo cute.


Find Mia here :  blog | shop | twitter

Thank you Mia for sharing a bit of your experience on balancing work and motherhood with us!

{all images courtesy of Mia @ Story by Mia}

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