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Dear Nikolas…


You started Kindergarten today.
This morning as we started to get ready I paused and gave you a squeeze hug. You looked at me  (yawning and half asleep) and so sweetly said “I’ll always be your baby, mom” …{gulp}. I told myself I wouldn’t be a “faucet” (as my sweet friend Melisa puts it) – but how can I resist when you something like that?
Dear boy of mine,  I simply can’t imagine our life – my life – without you in it. It’s hard to believe I’ve only had you for five years. I hardly remember how life was before you came in it! You bring me such joy. You are a very active, social, brilliant kid – and I feel so blessed to have you! 
I look forward to see you grow this year. Next year you’ll be going to 1st grade. Thinking of it makes me a bit numb. It’s a strange mix of feelings, pain and joy. I can’t explain. 

Here is to a wonderful year filled with new and amazing experiences!! I know it will be great!

I love you, Nikolas!



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