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My 2011 Goals


2010 was the year of changes for my business! A lot happened – all great things, of course! 
Today, on the 1st day of the new year (Decade!), I set aside a little time to jot down my goals for 2011. To my surprise, almost all of them were personal goals – and only a few of them were business related goals. That’s an indication of what lacked from 2010. Inspired by Erin, I decided to write these goals in first person (me talking to myself). So here goes:
1. Stop feeling guilty for working a lot and not spending enough time with your family and just DO IT! Your family is the first most important thing in your life. Always remember that!
2. Don’t act on emotions. Instead, take a moment to process and than proceed.
3. Count your blessings daily.
4. Remember to send Thank You cards and Hello notes to people you care about like you used to.
5. Plan to take time away from your business and truly relax. You deserved it and your family needs you!
6. Your real life isn’t lived through the internet but through the loved ones that surround you.  Learn to separate the two!
7. Create everyday. It’s what makes you breathe – you need it to survive!
8. Find time to work on the long list of projects around your house. Don’t come up with reasons to push them off.
9. Read a book or two. You know…the ones you purchased last year but never got around to open.
10. Keep doing what you love. Please never forget that!
What about your list of goals? What are you wanting to achieve this year? Care to share?

{photo by Edyta Szyszlo Photography}

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