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Greece 2011 – Part II

What comes to mind when you think of Greece? The deep blue sea, white houses, food and crazy lifestyle, right? You’re spot on!

If I could take one thing with me would definitely be the Greek lifestyle. I am not talking about staying up all night drinking and partying – that’s not my style anyways – but rather the care-free way of living life, the don’t-worry-about-tomorrow type of lifestyle. I would love to incorporate that into my own lifestyle. There’s a big difference in the way we see/live life here in the states. I am not sure why that is….

Today, I want to take you on a little ride to a few favorite places I visited while in Greece. I hope you enjoy.


An afternoon stroll by one of my favorite little towns in Northern Greece (Amfilochia) with my favorite little man.


You can’t help but take all this beauty in and hope, just hope next year you get to see it once again.


A typical Greek taverna (restaurant). Nothing fancy, as you can see, but boy does it seem like heaven when you’re sitting down to enjoy a glass of wine and some great food.


And of course the boutiques. I can walk for hours up and down the streets looking at all the shoe shops. A girl can only dream, right? (Pictures taken in Ioannina, Greece)


To me there is nothing more romantic than the sunset in Greece. People travel from all over to see it. One of the most amazing sunsets is in the island of Santorini. Once you’ve been there to experience it, you would want to go back again and again.

Have you been to Greece? What was the one thing you enjoyed the most? I’d love to hear! Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

Hope you enjoyed Part II. Stay tuned for Part III next week. I will be talking all about food and might even share a few of my favorite Greece recipes.

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