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Little things for pregnant mamas…

As I enter week 26 of my pregnancy I couldn’t help but realize all the changes I’m going through. All good things of course:) My body is changing every week. Emotions and feelings seem to be so much stronger now (I can’t watch family focused commercials anymore without starting to cry!). It is such an incredible thing to carry a little life inside of you – a gift truly!

These days I’m all about comfort and ways to remember this wonderful time in my life. So I created a short list of all the little things I’m using to pumper and comfort myself. I hope some of the soon-to-be mamas (or any mamas for that matter) will enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Pregnancy leggings – I can’t image my days without these. I purchased a few pairs from Gap and wear them almost daily.

2. Mistral Organic Shea Hand Cream – A little luxury for my dry hands, especially for the cold months.

3. Scotch nail polish – I love this new environmental friendly nail polish. Check out the variety all colors.

4. Shea Cream by Elizabeth Dehn has been my favorite body cream for a while now. It is absolutely amazing and the scent of it not too overwhelming. I’ve been pampering my baby bump daily with it and love the soft feeling it leaves behind.

5. Liposan lip gloss – (can also be found under the name Labello) is a European lip gloss. I’ve been using since my early teens and still in love with it. It has a little color as well as a fruity scent and shea butter – which means my lips look great and feel great too.

6. Cashmere cardigans – this one is my favorite and not a pregnancy one. They are perfect to layer over leggings and oh so comfy.

7. Macaroons – I love them! I get mine from Le Fleur Bakery in Edison Park, IL. They are the prefect pick me up snack (for me at least:).

Now tell me friends, what are some goodies you like to pamper/comfort yourself?