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The mystery reader and a lesson learned…

Today I was the mystery reader on Nikolas’ 1st grade classroom. I knew he had no clue I was coming in – which made me anticipate the surprised look on his face even more. Oh he was surprised! So much that throughout my reading he kept smiling and cracking jokes. I had a blast!

On our drive home I asked him if he had a clue who the mystery reader might be and he said ” No, but I certainly didn’t think it would be you, mom!”. When I asked him why he answered ” I know you’re busy with work, so I didn’t think you’ll have time”. Tears filled my eyes as I tried to tell him I’ll always make time for him. Big gulp! Wow, the things our little ones say are often the ones that touch us the deepest. They just say it how it is, don’t they?

What a huge lesson for me today! I’ll never forget my sweet boy’s words as they are a reminder of what is most important in life. I promise to always make time! Thank you, Nikolas!


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