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Month by Month | January

Hello sweet boy!

You’re 32 weeks old today! Just a little bit longer until I see your sweet face and hold you in my arms. You have no idea how incredibly happy we all are to finally meet you! Your brother, Nikolas has been praying for your every night before he goes to sleep. He prays you keep growing and have no nightmares:)

You have a real name now, little one! We’ve named you John Andrew! It’s been so hard to settle but through lots of prayers we’ve made a decision. I think you will approve of it:) It’s been a blessing being pregnant with you and watching Nikolas anticipate your arrival. I keep thinking of the days ahead, the life with two boys, raising you, being your mama. I pray God gives me the strength and wisdom to be the best mama I can to you and Nikolas.

Counting down the days until we see your sweet little face…

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