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Silhouette Contest Finalists

I am thrilled to finally announce the 13 finalists of our annual Spring Silhouette Contest! Thank you all who participated! This year we switched things up a bit – instead of us picking the best photographs, we gave the right to vote to all our facebook fans – which meant everyday they could cast their vote on their favorite photograph. And they did it! They picked the most perfect photographs to grace our new Spring Collection making its big debut soon.

All 13 finalists will receive a FREE 8×10 Personalized Silhouette Fine Art Print featuring the silhouette/s of their loved one/s. Thank you again to all who contributed. We look forward to next years’ Spring Silhouette Contest. Start preparing by taking photographs of your little ones. If you need some tips on what works best, you can check our FAQ’s here.

If you see your child’s silhouette above, do leave a comment below. We would love to hear what you think of it.

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