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John Andrew’s 2nd Month Silhouette

Dear John Andrew,

You’re going to be 3 months old in just a few weeks. That’s just crazy! I remember the time I was pregnant with you (just 3 months ago) and thinking of all the things mamas think when they are about to have their babies. You have been so much more than I could ever imagine! You’ve changed our family’s dynamics. We couldn’t be more in love with you, sweet boy!

People often ask if you’re a good baby. I laugh a little inside of me, because although I know they mean well, how could you not be? You are so good! Here are a few things you do now:

You love tummy time. You lift up your head and love to look around. Bath times are your favorites. You love cooing, especially early in the morning. You’ve been sleeping in your crib since you turned 2 months old – only waking up twice a night. You’ve began grabbing toys and looking at them closely. Your belly laughs are!

Happy 2nd month birthday little one! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be like in July.



I’ve decided to draw John Andrew’s monthly silhouette until he turns 12 months old. I started this project with Nikolas as a way to document his growth. I take a picture of John Andrew on the same spot on our couch every month and pair it with his monthly silhouette.

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