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John Andrew’s 9th Month Silhouette

Dearest John!

Tomorrow you’ll be 10 months old. We will soon be celebrating your 1st birthday! Hooray! How did you grow so fast, little one? There are days I think I’ve known you longer than I have. But don’t all moms say that?

We celebrated your first Christmas as a family of four. It’s strange to look back a year. I still remember the anticipation of meeting you. We feel so blessed you are here, John! Speaking of which, recently you’ve started making sounds that sound more like words. You like to say over and over these words, “dadaa”, “mam mam”. You use special sounds to express different emotions – my favorite is the “uh oh”. It’s the sweetest thing and I can’t get enough of it – so I make you say it over and over again:) You stood up all on your own for the very first time this week. Can’t wait to see you walk walk walk, little boy!

Grandpa is visiting with us for 10 days. It melts my heart to see you warm up to him so quickly. Nikolas has been more protective of you lately. I think it’s because you like to crawl and hide and get your little self in trouble:) I wonder if he’ll always look after you like this. Something tells me he will be a wonderful older brother. You have so much to look up to, John!

Looking forward to celebrating another wonderful month with you, sweet boy!

Love you to bits!


I’ve decided to draw John Andrew’s monthly silhouette until he turns 12 months old. I started this project with Nikolas as a way to document his growth. I take a picture of John Andrew on the same spot on our couch every month and pair it with his monthly silhouette.

Photograph of 9 month John by my friend, Kelly of Kelly Allison Photography.

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