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Dear Nikolas

It’s been too long since the last letter I wrote you. You see, life has changed a bit recently (well, a lot actually!) for our family. With John joining us last year, I’ve been (as one can imagine) spending the majority of time attending to his needs. I used to worry about not being able to be with you as much as before. But like anything in life, we’ve adjusted.

You’ve grown so fast (especially this past year) Nikolas! Everything about you seems to be changing faster these days despite my longing wishes for you to stay little. You laugh every time I tell you that. But Nikolas, will you please slow down? You only get to be little once, and I am not done snuggling with you just yet. Look what I found tonight as I was going through some old pictures of yours. This was taken on your 1st birthday, almost 8 years ago. Look at those chubby cheeks and thighs!


Last month we went on a “date”. We grabbed lunch, visited Lego Land and watched a movie. I’ve decided we ought to do this on yearly basis. We had a wonderful time, just you and I, didn’t we Nikolas?

You’ve been asking big questions recently. The other day you wanted to know about people dying and heaven. I love that you’re always so eager to find out new things. You have a big and gentle heart, sweet boy! I like to hold you and talk to you about your day but you’re always in a hurry – getting a snack, rushing to catch up with Minecraft. Slow down a little! All I want to do is hold you close to me and smell your hair. You have a silly mama, after all! I love you and I want to treasure these years for ever. Soon you will be too cool to even let me give you a hug (although you’ve promised you’ll always let me do that! In front of girls even:) – that’s what I think at least.


Photograph by Kelly Allison Photography.

I love that smile, Nikolas! It captures your sweet personality so well. I can’t help but think of the type of person you will be 10 years from now, getting ready to graduate high school and enter college, making new friends, living life. I love you, sweet boy!

lots of kisses,


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