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John Andrew’s 11th and 12th Months Silhouette


Photograph by Kelly Allison Photography

Dearest John Andrew,

The time has come! You are 1 year old! We celebrated your birthday with friends and cake. You tried cake for the very first time and liked it:) What a year it has been, my sweet boy! Welcoming you to life, being your mama, caring for you, loving you so much – you’ve taught me how much more love I had inside of me.

This past year has had its challenges too. Learning to balance work while being there for you, has been by far my biggest struggle. But there isn’t a day I don’t look at you in the eye and feel God’s grace covering me. My heart is so full!

Here is the last of your monthly silhouettes (for now at least!) This was such a fun project to do. It allowed me to pay close attention to you as you grew each month and capture your sweet essence.


I love you so much!


I’ve decided to draw John Andrew’s monthly silhouette until he turns 12 months old. I started this project with Nikolas as a way to document his growth. I take a picture of John Andrew on the same spot on our couch every month and pair it with his monthly silhouette.

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