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Life lately…

As we’re moving soon, we are fully immersed into packing mode. We’ve packed up about 60% of the house (mostly clothes, kitchen wares and storage items) and scheduled to complete all packing and move out by the 17th. I also have to pack and move my office by the 15th! Aaron has been such a good sport going back and forth after both kids are down for the day, trying to paint and finish up a few things before we officially move in. We decided to rent a townhouse for a few years before we commit to buying again.

Business has been slow which is actually working out in my advantage, allowing me to do most of the packing during the day. To my surprise, Nikolas is pretty excited about moving. Earlier this year when we listed our place for sale, he was very concerned about us selling our “home” – in all honesty, he thought we would be selling everything…down to his toys:) Poor kid! He starts school on the 21st! Crazy how quickly summer went by. We’ve had the strangest weather here – making summer outings very unpredictable.

John is already 16 months old, officially a toddler and a ball of joy! He sweetens our days with his new doings. He started walking last week. I love his drunk-ish stumble!

Yesterday I woke up with the most unusual bad mood – this usually happens when I have a lot on my plate and don’t know where to begin. I spent the morning trying to not let it get to me and take over my whole day. Instead I did what I usually do when I’m in a bad mood. I deep cleaned the entire house! It felt good.

I dislike being in between places.  It feels as I have to place many things on hold. And with the summer schedule being so unpredictable, I feel somewhat disconnected from friends. It’s been a while since we last hang out with some of our closest of friends. I’ve made myself take a break from constantly checking social media and spending more quality time with the boys. I’ve actually enjoyed this quite a bit and think will make it my new motto going forward.