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Making A House A Home

We are officially moved in and slowly settling in our new home. As much as I like our new home and enjoy decorating it, selling our last place feels definitely bittersweet. We are happy to have sold to an amazing person who will make great memories in there and also make all the changes we always wanted but didn’t get to. I can’t explain this but part of me still misses the old home.

This new place still feels unfamiliar to us (still haven’t memorized which way all the doors swing, or where all the light switches are) yet I am really looking forward to making it a home. Speaking of which, we are almost done painting the living/dining room area. So far, we’ve painted the trim around the windows, floor boards, and doorways white as well as all the walls. Next, we want to tackle the kitchen.

Nikolas had a hard time sleeping in his room the first couple of nights. He said it felt like he was at a hotel (poor kid!) and wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. All in all, we’re settling in just fine.

I completed setting up the studio in one of the spare bedrooms. It looks nice. Can’t wait to take pictures! One of the most exciting projects has been painting a wall in the living room a dark navy blue. What a difference it makes against the white trim! I can’t wait to start hanging pictures on it! Sorry no pictures of the new home yet. Pictures above are of our last place.