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Reflecting on 2013

There’s something melancholic about the year ending and a new one beginning. During these remaining hours of 2013 I can’t help myself but draw a mental check list of all the things I set myself to do. Some of them I managed to get done and others remained, well…words on paper. I realize that’s only normal and I am fine with that.

2013 was the year of getting used to the new life of being a mother to 2 kids, a wife and a business owner. It certainly didn’t come without its challenges and moments of struggle, but as we all know it, every hardship is for a reason. I challenged myself to go beyond my comfort zone – I met new people, I nurtured existing friendships. I tried to allow gratitude to guide my path and let go of all control. God knows I struggled!

I started the year committed to bring new people into my life (something I intend to continue doing this coming year as well). I had the pleasure to connect with some amazing women (Monica Lee you are a shinning star!), offer my business knowledge to other women starting out. In March my little business turned 5 years old! It brings me great joy to see something I started out of a need to be creative almost 6 years ago grow into a business I love attending each and every day. Also in March we hired 3 interns  who helped grow LPS. I will be forever grateful to Carrie, Lauren and Caroline and the breath of fresh air they each offered.

In September I launched Wedded Silhouette – another wonderful collaboration this time with the talented folks at Figs and Ginger.  Le Papier Studio received some awesome press this year topping it off with the appearance of our Family Tree and Silhouette Jewelry on the Today Show.

Our family celebrated some important milestones this year.  Aaron and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  John turned 1 in March and we celebrated with cake, balloons, the works! We visited Charleston in late June and almost made up our minds to move there! We sold our condo and moved to a roomier home in late August and are slowly making this new place a home.

Are you with me so far? If you are THANK YOU! It means the world to me to be able to share the success (and a few shortcomings) with all of you who’ve followed along on my journey!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for carrying enough to be part of the community I’ve built these past 6 years. It is my wish to keep blogging not only to document life with my family but also encourage you to go after what makes you happy. I do hope you visit often this coming year. There’s a lot in store and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

From me to you, Happy New Years! May 2014 be your best year yet!