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Happy 9th Birthday, Nikolas!

Dear Nikolas,

I still remember the day we brought you home for the very first time. Your spiky hair, your red cheeks, the pucker lips:) It’s been an amazing 9 years. I wish I could slow down time and keep you little a bit longer. You are growing faster than I could have ever imagined! You’ve officially surpassed me in the following: shoe size, hand size, eating and the ability to come up with the smartest and funnest jokes. I love you, sweet boy!

You continue to be tender heart-ed, caring, immensely sensitive and a work-in-progress when it comes to following instructions:) I pray you continue to grow to a God-loving young boy, always eager to help others.

So happy 9th birthday, sweet boy of mine! I am so proud you are my boy!